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John Singer-Sargent

Sargent- A Capriote at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

John Singer Sargent (January 12, 1856 – April 14, 1925) was the most successful portrait painter of his era, as well as a gifted landscape painter and water-colorist. Sargent was born in Florence, Italy to American parents. Sargent studied in Italy and Germany, and then in Paris under Emile Auguste Carolus-Duran.

About The Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Boston Loves Impressionism

February 14, 2014 – May 26, 2014
Lois and Michael Torf Gallery (Gallery 184)


See the exhibition you helped create!

Boston loves Impressionism and always has. For the first time, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, invited the public to choose works for a special Impressionist exhibition. Choosing from a different themed group each week, fans voted for their favorite paintings from a selection of fifty works from the MFA’s Impressionist collection, with the top thirty picks earning a spot in the exhibition “Boston Loves Impressionism.” Voters made plain their love for Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece, Houses at Auvers (1890), which earned the most votes (4,464), edging out Claude Monet, who came in second place with 3,543 votes for his iconic Water Lilies (1907). Third place was taken by Edgar Degas’ Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer (original model 1878–81, cast after 1921)––the only sculpture in the contest. These three top vote getters hold a place of honor at the entrance of the exhibition. Come see the exhibition that you helped to create.

Create your own exhibition of Impressionist favorites: order custom prints and purchase gifts, books, and prints at the MFA Shop.

The exhibition was conceived by Malcolm Rogers, the MFA’s Ann and Graham Gund Director. While renovations take place in the large Sidney and Esther Rabb Gallery of European Impressionism, Rogers was looking for a way to keep many of the works on view, and had the idea to get the public involved in choosing which ones by asking them to share their favorites.

The exhibition also includes a case of letters, including one from Monet (to Boston collector Thomas Sergeant Perry) as well as photographs, newspaper clippings and exhibition catalogues tracing the early history of Impressionism in Boston and at the MFA.

Vincent van Gogh, Houses at Auvers (detail), 1890. Oil on canvas. Bequest of John T. Spaulding.

Credits for March-April Preview magazine.



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The Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Currently On Exhibit
Doll's dress, 18th century (for Think Pink exhibition)Think PinkOctober 3, 2013 – May 26, 2014From pinking shears to pink ribbons, the color pink is associated with fashion and femininity; perhaps no other color has as much social significance and gender association. The fascinating exhibition “Think Pink” explores the history and changing meanings of the color as its popularity…

Maria Auxiliadora da Silva, Chuva Sobre São Paulo (Rain over Sao Paulo), 1971
Samba SpiritModern Afro Brazilian ArtJanuary 18, 2014 – October 19, 2014For the first time the MFA presents a selection of works by 20th-century Brazilian artists of African descent. Rarely studied in the United States, these painters and sculptors drew on indigenous, European, and African traditions, and found inspiration in all aspects of Brazilian life—…

Amalia Pica, "Now, Speak!," 2011–
Amalia PicaNow, Speak!January 20, 2014 – July 18, 2014Beginning on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 20), an outdoor installation of Argentinean artist Amalia Pica’s Now, Speak! concrete lectern encourages impromptu performances by all MFA visitors and passersby. The lectern was inaugurated by the MFA’s Teen Arts Council, who read…

Yoshida Hiroshi, "Sailboats: Morning," from the series "Inland Sea," Taisho era–Showa era, 1926
The Creative Process in Modern Japanese PrintmakingDecember 21, 2013 – August 17, 2014In the 20th century, printmaking in Japan became not just a way of producing popular images but a fine art form. No longer constrained by the requirements of commercial publishing, artists were able to exploit the color woodblock process as far as their imaginations could take them, and to…

Sarah Braman, artist's digital rendering of "Life Shape," sculpture to be fabricated, 2013. Courtesy of the artist.
Sarah Braman: AliveMaud Morgan Prize 2013November 23, 2013 – March 30, 2014“Sarah Braman: Alive” debuts new sculpture, painting, and video by the Museum’s 2013 Maud Morgan Prize recipient. Established in 1993 in recognition of artist Maud Morgan (1903–99), the Prize honors a Massachusetts woman artist whose creativity and vision has made…

Sakurai Yasuko, Vertical Flower, Heisei era, 2007
Fired Earth, Woven BambooContemporary Japanese Ceramics and Bamboo ArtNovember 12, 2013 – September 8, 2014During the last decade, the exciting shapes and technical finesse in Japanese contemporary ceramics and baskets have attracted new audiences among Western enthusiasts. Recently attention has centered on more abstract works produced by modern ceramic and bamboo artists, including pioneering female…

Dawit L. Petros, Colorscape, Coordinate #23, Ethiopia, 2013
Dawit L. PetrosSense of PlaceOctober 26, 2013 – April 13, 2014Part of an annual series of MFA exhibitions focusing on SMFA graduates of the past decade whose work has achieved international acclaim, “Dawit L. Petros: Sense of Place” features the photographs, video art, and sculpture of this 2007 SMFA Masters degree recipient. Petros was born in…

Bernard Childs, Arrival, 1955
American GesturesAbstract ExpressionismSeptember 21, 2013 – June 1, 2014American art of the 1940s and ’50s was dominated by the gestural style known as Abstract Expressionism. In love with spontaneity and happy accidents, and favoring inspiration from the subconscious, artists invented a highly original American art language that triumphed internationally….

John James Audubon Birds
Audubon’s Birds, Audubon’s WordsJuly 27, 2013 – May 11, 2014As author and illustrator of The Birds of America, John James Audubon (1785–1851) traveled thousands of miles throughout the United States and Canada to seek out and draw North American birds in their natural habitats. In the book’s enormous pages—each more than three feet high…

An Enduring VisionPhotographs from the Lane CollectionJuly 9, 2013 – March 30, 2014This exhibition celebrates the Lane Collection, renowned for its deep holdings of the work of major American modernist photographers, including Charles Sheeler, Edward Weston, and Ansel Adams—and given to the MFA by Saundra Lane in 2012. In addition to the early 20th-century American works…

Elegant Contortions
Elegant ContortionsRenaissance PrintsJuly 9, 2013 – March 30, 2014Mannerist artists went to extremes in their treatment of the human body. In the years after Raphael’s death in 1520, complex poses, intricate gestures, and esoteric symbolism replaced the harmony and balance of the High Renaissance. A self-consciously “stylish” style, Mannerism…

El Anatsui, "Black River," 2009  photo by Tony Rinaldo
Linde Family Wing for Contemporary ArtSeptember 18, 2011 – December 31, 2016Contemporary art has a dynamic home at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art, located in the MFA’s dramatic I. M. Pei-designed building. The wing features seven galleries introducing innovative approaches to contemporary art within the context of…

Charles Robert Ashbee, "Marsh-bird brooch," 1901-02
Jewels, Gems, and TreasuresAncient to ModernJuly 19, 2011 – June 1, 2014What is a gem? “Jewels, Gems, and Treasures: Ancient to Modern,” the first exhibition in the Museum’s new Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation Gallery, examines the various roles and meanings associated with a wide range of gem materials. Drawn from the MFA…

View of the Art of the Americas Wing galleries from the Shapiro Courtyard
Art of the Americas WingNovember 20, 2010 – December 31, 2016The centerpiece of the MFA’s historic expansion is a spectacular new wing for the Art of the Americas collection, which will double the number of objects from the collection on view, including several large-scale masterpieces not displayed for decades.  Learn more about the new wing.

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