Viva Las Vegas

Gypsy Living Traveling In Style

By Serafini Amelia

Are you planning a weekend Getaway to the desert, Maybe that’s not on your list but how about a trip to Las Vegas?  Viva Las Vegas. Experience all the “Glitz” and ” Glam” Las Vegas has to offer.This desert oasis, known as “Sin City”, is a city of “self-indulgence.” So, indulge, in, “your fashion”. What to wear? Dress To Impress ” Yourself.”  I love Las Vegas, and you will too. Pack your bags and go. Consider, the time of year when you pack. The desert can be fiercely,” hot” or dramatically “cool”, all in the same day. Buy a couple new outfits, new accessories, and a small chic purse, leave your“work garb” and “granny bag” at home. Pack Light and Enjoy Your Getaway!!


4e8553dd8a9824d3cca75bc132bea984GypsyTravelAug2014LasVegasTravelGlam Signature Signage for Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Kendall Jenner 2104 Billboard Awards LV


Fashinista Selena Gomez ,in Las Vegas


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