Discover The Resurrection Fern- A Simply Amazing Plant

Discover The Resurrection Fern 

written by Serafini Amelia

The lifestyle and resilience of the resurrection fern is simply amazing. I have seen many examples of this intriguing fern. With a long history as a Florida resident, I have had the opportunity to see the fern in more than one state, or cycle. If you are unfamiliar with the fern, It may be easy to miss this plant, or consider it to be dead or dying.

In the south The fern generally grows among mighty oak trees. Discover this hidden, camouflaged, beauty. The lush green is gorgeous generally shaded by the an oak trees foliage and spanish moss. At its peak of growth, views of this type of fern, will offer a bounty of beautiful travel photography moments.

I love this plant in any state. It can be seen as a symbol of “rebirth”, thus its name resurrection fern.

If you are traveling down south, make a trip to a local slough, hardwood forest.  I recommend Babcock Ranch, located in Southwest Florida, off highway 31, near Fort Myers.

The Following information describes the fern, where to find it and the status of the plant species. According to, The National Wildlife Federation.

  1.…/Plants/ResurrectionFern.aspx   Cached

    Resurrection fern often favors oak trees. Range: This fern is found throughout the southeast, as far north as New York and as far west as Texas.

Life History and Reproduction: The resurrection fern is a type of epiphytic fern, meaning that it grows on top of other plants or structures and that it reproduces by spores, not seeds. The spores are housed in structures called sori on the underside of fronds. Although resurrection fern grows on top of other plants, they do not steal nutrients or water from their host plant.

Fun Fact: In 1997, the resurrection fern was taken into space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery to watch its resurrection in zero gravity.

Conservation Status: Stable.


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