Organic Gardening “Cali Style” Succulent Gardens

You need not have a “green thumb”, succulent gardening is for everyone. Alas, I love the simplicity of succulent gardening. This ” Cali” Style Gardening is simple yet so beautiful. This is a friends style garden. There is a myth that a ” stolen” plant clipping will grow better in your garden than a “gift”. I often consider this idea when I “appropriate” a small succulent clipping from a thriving mother plant. Succulents clippings are easily pinched off and require no cutting instrument.

Although succulent gardens are more common in California and the Southwest, these gardens will thrive in other regions of te United States, and abroad. For colder weather environments, consider a potted succulent garden. Move your garden inside, for the winter months, this will ensure year round enjoyment. The bright bold colors will brighten your mood, consider this color therapy.

Sunset Magazine, one of my personal favorites, keeps us all in the know about what is happening in the west. Succulent gardening is no exception. Follow them online. The following Picture was featured with one of their articles on growing succulent gardens.


When “building” your garden, utalize organic materials, such as palm fron stem, or driftwood. If you have an old broken pot, it may be ideal for such a project. For one of my plantings, I used a vintage mid-century ceramic pitcher, that had broken beyond repair for functional use. I was able to upcyle a piece of vintage Americana, by re-purposing its use. I enjoyed it for several more years with a beautiful draping succulent plant.  Although my planting outgrew the vessel, I extended the journey of a lovely retro piece.

If you enjoy the natural beauty of organic driftwood, scout out a new piece for your next garden project. Driftwood from the ocean may need to be prepped. Emerse your driftwood in water and then let it “bake” in the sun for a few days. Use common crafting wire to attach your cut or cluster of succulent plants to the base. In a few months, you can remove any excess wiring. At this time most wiring should be undetectable. The new growth should camouflage it.

The following pictures are examples of potted and organic succulent gardens. This type of gardening is as cheap as it is beautiful. Enjoy your next succulent garden build. No matter which region you live in, this is the garden for you. It is a hipster garden, a “comfort” garden or a gypsy garden. It is forgiving, mobile, and cheap what more could anyone ask of a garden.


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