Travel Trailer RV Restoration “Unity By Design” Gypsy Interior Design Dress My Wagon

The NY Times featured this hipster travel trailer. I love this project. It is a vintage travel trailer, RV, that has been restored. This retro vibe trailer, is chic and modern. Design small spaces with a macro view. Take care when you restore your next vintage RV; A design, color scheme, decor theme, and a budget should be set before the restoration begins. Whether you are revamping, or restoring your dream RV design unity is a ” key” element to interior design.This unit, appears to be open and roomy, very inviting. Marry your color scheme and decor throughout your RV. The living, bedroom, and bathroom space should be unified. Odd colors will be competing, which will create chaos in your design. If you are seeking  inspiration, follow the fashion for a dream color scheme, consider what is trending, on the runway. In fashion and interior design swatches of fabrics and colors are commonly compiled into a design book. The simple task of creating a book will ensure that the final product, includes “key” elements of your design. Discover your inner gypsy boho spirit. Live out loud, in your dream RV.

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