Gypsy Travel Pack Your Bags-“Reflective” Travel Styling-Vietnam In 2015

Gypsy Travel Pack Your Bags- Refective Travel Styling

Gypsy travel pack your bags; Vietnam in 2015, plan you dream travel vacation. After, the reservations are made consider your travel wardrobe. Vietnam is known to have a hot humid climate. Do your travel research. Check the average monthly climate of your Vietnamese travel destination. geologically the country is diverse, the northern and southern reigns may have dramatically different weather conditions. Before you pack, consider your lodging accommodations and points of interests. For extended travel a laundry facility may be invaluable; but if there are no facilities available, or the cost does not suit you, plan to hand wash soiled articles of clothing. As a gypsy traveler, I like light wash and wear travel clothing. I suggest packing washing detergent sheets and hanging clips. Don’t get bogged down by overloaded travel luggage. Travel with a single hard-cased rolling bag and an oversized tote. I prefer an over the shoulder straw bag because it is lightweight and versatile. Gypsies are free-spirited, happy travelers. Packing light is a golden rule for a savvy gypsy traveler. Reflect upon local culture, fashion norms of your destination. Dress like a local, adopt local garb. The Vietnamese are traditionalists; when in doubt choose casual modest street attire.

Asian Travel Attire Lookbook


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Weather Chart

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