Boondocking RV Style, Remote Camping-Touring Off The Grid

As a gypsy camper extended touring is desired. Dry Camping or ” Boondocking” is a style of camping in remote areas for an extended amount of time.

Boondocking Defined defines boondocking as remote location “dispersed camping”, and the term “dispersed camping” is defined as “camping outside developed campgrounds”.

Gypsy Expedition-Touring and Remote Off the Grid Camping


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If you are a Fly Gypsy try exploring more remote areas; but before you go “gear up”. Boondocking  is easy enough with the proper equipment. Before you buy consider your ideal destination. If your dream is to journey off the grid, into to the rugged terrain of a desert, forest or swamp, find your ideal vehicle match.

Let’s go boondocking. Although Boondocking is not a new concept, It is becoming a trendy travel style. Ingredients of Boondocking. All you need is an Off Road Camp Vehicle and a Destination: Mix a dash of a adventure with pinch of luxury and you have a glam gypsy adventure. Because boondocking is an off the road adventure, your vehicle needs to match your destination and duration of your gypsy adventure. GEAR UP Key Ingredients: If you are traveling in a Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler successful Boondocking, extended or remote camping will include invaluable resources. 1) Water, essential to life; Toy hauler’s generally have large water tank storage tanks or an over-sided single tank. 2) Pack a Generator, traveling with mobile power expands you destination options. 3) Adding an extra battery and or propane tanks to your rig will extend you travel duration or camp location options. 4) Keep your batteries charged–Add Solar Panels

Where to:

If you have a mammoth RV you may want to tour areas of scenic travel and stay in free parking areas, off the grid. No matter if you are cruising in a million door motorhome, RV or a 70’s style love machine; Traveling America or beyond will have the same spectacular views. If you are looking for an easy but extraordinary touring trip, I recommend touring the West Coast, of the U.S.A., Washington State, Oregon, and California the Pacific Crest Trail, PCT.

Maybe, you want to travel bohemian style in a tiny Gypsy Wagon, a teardrop trailer. If food and water are accessible, try touring in a ultra chic teardrop trailer.

National Geographic has a mapped out, in great detail a portion of the PCT. Go to:

Map PCH, including highlights

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I love the rush of traveling by in a Swamp Buggy through a swampy terrain, but the lack of shelter and resources may leave you in the lurch, in the Florida Everglades.

The Florida Everglades


Conversion Van-Class B

Class C RV-Traditional truck/ vanA traditional luxury conversion van, ideal for touring.


Truck-Camper- Multiply use vehicle, ideal for camping.

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Teardrop Trailer-“Cozy” A small or Micro light weight camper that can be pulled by car.( Ideal for a couple)

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Toy-Hauler- A Large Camper trailer or Fifth wheel.( “The Mac Daddy” of Boon-docking)

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Off Road Vehicle- Swamp Buggy or an Extreme fabricated vehicle

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Whether you are seeking extreme a remote destination, area to roam, or just parking off the road, “boondock” camping is “Traveling Gypsy Style”. Come are you are, explore the open road and beyond. By Serafini Amelia

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