Pacific Northwest-Summer 2015- A Field Guide To The Cascade and Olympics

photo (59)photo (58)


By author: Rob Sandelin

Illustrated by: Stephen R. Whitney
320 Pages, 978-0-89886-808-1

Natures Classroom: Gypsy Vita World Traveler-This is my personal copy of The Field Guide To The Cascades And Olympics, 2nd Edition. According to Amazon this is still the current edition. I bought my copy about 15 years ago while exploring/ hiking Mount Rainier, another beautiful summer destination. Although I have yet to hike in this region, I have studied the field guide and have found it to be informative. In the near future I plan to hike, explore, the Pacific Northwest region. Because regionally environments can be vastly different, I recommend buying and carrying a printed field guide on your next gypsy adventure. A good field guide can help you identify plants and animals, If you are hiking in a region that is foreign to you a field guide could be essential. The Cascades and Olympics, have a diverse plant populations. Before you take action, picking a pretty flower may be prohibited or illegal, read your regional guide. Capture the moment with  your camera. If time is a luxury I enjoy field photography and life sketches. I commonly use a travel art diary to take notes and sketch what I have seen. After a few days camping and or hiking I generally feel relaxed and open to in depth field exploration. As the journey comes to an end, and before another begins, I savor the moment. I survey my collection of mementos artifacts I have gathered,a twig or a stone. Later, I will review my pictures and field notes. Because time is fleeing; I treasure time well spent, traveling.

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