Gypsy Travel Pack Your Bags-Summer 2015 Travel Styling-Boston Proper

Boston Proper

Summer Styling

Floral Fringe Kimono

Summer 2015 -Trend Bohemian Styling 

Boston Proper is the perfect fit for casual chic summer styling. Shop Boston Proper.  

Gypsy Travel Pack Your Bags-Serafini Amelia 

I like day to night travel styling. Include a sexy but modest one-piece, swimsuit, in you travel bag. With a few key pieces, day to night transitions are effortless. A one-piece bathing suit, is a perfect underwear body shaper. Try pairing your swimsuit with a skirt with or without an over-shirt. Include simple bohemian jewelry; travel styling is simple when you are living a Bohemian Lifestyle. 

“Hats off” to Bohemian Style-An over-sided large brim hat is a must have to be truly Boho.

“Travel Light”. If you are packing light, simple styling is key.


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