“Gypsy Haven” Gypsy Styling May 2015-A Deep Purple Hue-Style Inspiration-Dress Your Gypsy Wagon

Gypsy Styling May 2015

Interior design inspiration gypsy style. Do you dream in color; live out loud “deep Purple” style. I found a chair at Horchow, based in Hollywood. Haulte House designs and manufactures there own products.  Yes, haulte couture furnishings.

Gypsy styling starts with inspiration. Dress your gypsy haven, vardo, caravan, bus, or wagon. Individualize your wagon by adding stylistic, comfort, and storage features. The featured chair is gorgeous. I love the deep purple hue, and the overall style of the chair.

A classic gypsy style mixes old and new for a chic Bohemian look. Mix this classic inspired Sausalito Chair, or a pair of chairs with your vintage chic Bohemian vignettes. Gypsy styling is personal, transform your travel trailer or coach into your dream ” Haven”.

HC-4QG6_ax  HC-4QG6_bgHCH730M_mg

Unique home decor, fine furniture, and luxury linens

Shop Horchow http://www.horchow.com/

Wagon Interior Design Inspiration

Shades of Purple Dark Wood Interior


Gypsy Interior Design Inspiration


Add Natural Elements

images (4)

Interior: Comfort Classic Styling



If you are naturally bohemian, seek indigenous elements in your design. I love mixing sea shells, natural sea glass, beach artifacts, vintage scarves or fabric for chic bohemian styling. 

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