“Escapism Travel” Whether It is Winter, Spring, Summer, Or Fall There Is No Escaping Factoring Potential Weather Threats And Conditions Into Your Travel Plans.

Be Prepared. There is no “escape” from the possibility of adverse weather conditions during travel.

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Winter Boston 2015

The winter of 2015 was a time that won’t be soon forgotten in the Northeast. The Northeastern region of the United States, endured a brutal winter. The amount of snow was record breaking. New Englanders are known for enduring powerful Nor’easters. A nor’easter, pronounced [nawr-ee-ster], is a “wicked” weather system that can be relentless. There are two types on-shore and off-shore forming. According to Explore Massachusetts at Explore-Massachusetts.com, such storms can be forceful with winds that exceed hurricane force winds.

The Origin Of Name

Nor’easter,the wind direction comes from the northeast, thus giving this type of storm its fierce name. “The nor’easter storm can also become a blizzard when sustained winds reach at least 35 mph with freezing temperatures, visibilities reach 1/4 mile or less and the storm lasts at least 3 hours”. In New England, Boston, the storms where brutal, relentless, and severe, in the winter of 2015.

Time and energy and careful planning is essential for enduring the notorious weather conditions of a true nor’easter.

How do New Englanders endure such severe winters; Maybe dreaming of a tropical paradise. Yes, lets escape to the Tropics.



If you are from a region of the United States that is, “up north”, a getaway “down south”, may seem like a bohemian dream. Bohemian travel styling promotes spontaneity and adaptability.

Respecting The Elements

A savvy bohemian/ gypsy traveler respects the weather. Although a quick pack of your bathing suit and flip flops may seem appropriate; adverse weather conditions may “slow your roll”. Planning is essential to surviving winters in New England, but don’t underestimate the unpredictable, untamed, and unforgiving forces of the tropics.


Hurricane Ike The Florida Keys


Be in the know before you go. I am a weather watcher. I follow seasonal weather patterns globally. Before you go, watch the weather locally, from your point of departure, the places in between, and your final destination.

Interrupted Travel

Interrupted travel, can be more manageable with simple planning. First, seasonal travel  destinations, may have an ideal time to vacation there. For, example a sub-tropical or tropical destination endures both a rainy and hurricane season. Because these two seasons cover the entire calendar, plan and pack well. Gone are the days of idealizing tropical weather conditions. It is no longer “cool” to embrace a weak minded blaise attitude, that fuels notions like let’s have a ” hurricane party, or ” riding the storm out” in the Florida Keys will be” rad”.

Because the tropics can be extreme pack well. Avoid over-packing. Pack light gear, include garnets that are light and fast drying, which are ideal for tropical conditions. Depending on the time of year,the days can be hot or cool, and even cold. Expect high humidity, and consider the weather when planning outings on a daily basis. In the rainy season, in the tropics or sub tropics, as a general rule, I like to make plans early, before the rain. Although I love to watch it rain, severe weather, lighting can precede the actual rain event.  Take cover at the first indication of severe weather.

“Give me shelter“, if you find yourself in tropical storm force or hurricane conditions, shelter may become a “haven”. Find a sound building that is not in a flood zone, which may be a tall order in the tropics.

A modern bohemian/gypsy is a savvy traveler. Plan well, pack well, have flexibility and adaptability. A modern bohemian/ gypsy travels often, travels light, and may travel to places that are more known than unknown. I travel to getaway and relax, therefore, I enjoy revisiting parts more known.

Create a travel plan that embraces reality not idealism.

Travel Often. Travel Well. Travel Bohemian.” A Gypsy Travels”.


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