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Atlantis Resort Hotel, Paradise Island, The Grand Bahamas. photo credit Diana Serafini

Winter 2016, As a hard winter has set in for many this winter season, and holiday dreams have dissipated, Escapism travel is a reality we all can hold on to…Getaway Travel, is simple, just say yes.

Choice Theory, a term used in social science defined By Dr. William Glasser, who developed the term, as an explanation of human behavior based on internal motivation. Why not put a modern twist on the term, that reflects the desire to escape, as an internal need, a choice.

Where Shall I go?

What better place to escape but Paradise Island, The Grand Bahamas. 

Can I Afford It?

How Shall I Get There?

Explore this affordable getaway to Paradise Island. Go straight to the source. Special Offers are currently available from The Atlantis Resort Hotel and from Norwegian Cruise Line.

Featured Travel specials include but are not limited to the following Getaway Trips profiled.

First, Norwegian Getaway, embark from Port of Miami, located in sunny Florida. 

Miami to The Grand Bahamas, on the stunninly beautiful ship, The Getaway. I love the Bahamas for escapism travel. It is a travel destination that should be visited and revised many times. So what’s the buzz, the Bahamas is a great destination because it is a repetitively short distance from Miami. Miami International Airport, MIA, is accessible from wherever you are. Make haste, plan your trip to the Grand Bahamas via Miami by air or sea. Several cruise ships have made Miami there home post, including Norwegian’s Getaway.

January 29,2016 Featured offers from Norweigian Cruise Line,, include a two day Bahama getaway, on the Getaway, special fares from $199, just $100 a night for an interior room. If you need your space, suites are listed for $349, just $175 per night. There are four basic levels for accommodations, mid level ocean views and balcony’s are listed as follows. Ocean views from $249, and Balcony’s from $299.

Photos Found on Norwegians website,

Whether you travel by air or sea, Paradise Island is tropical destination, that offers travelers a variety of choices.

Resort Map

Atlantis Resort Hotel, found on


Photography Diana Serafini,

Destination Paradise Island, Atlantis Resort Hotel. A worthy destination that is offering winter travel specials.

Atlantis Resort Hotel, Paradise Island, The Grand Bahamas

Specials Offered From the Atlantis Resort Hotel


  •   TRAVEL FROM 01/28/16 – 03/10/16
  •   BOOK BY 02/03/16



    When you add airfare to your stay of 4 nights or more.



    $150 resort credit when you stay at Beach Tower or Coral Towers2
    $250 resort credit when you stay at Royal Towers or The Cove2

Florida Resident Special

Are you a Florida Resident? Atlantis Specials for “Floridians”.

All Inclusive Specials

Go to the source for current offerings

Discover Atlantis as An Excursion Package or a Hotel amenity

DolphinCay SnorkelTheRuins

Snorkel the Ruins of Atlantis

photo found on


This thrilling 60-minute program includes an amazing 30-minute snorkeling adventure amid the sunken ruins and artifacts of the lost city of Atlantis. Participants have the rare opportunity to snorkel through the Ruins Lagoon alongside sleek sharks, spotted rays and brilliantly colored tropical fish in this unique underwater setting. Located in Atlantis, Paradise Island’s Royal Towers, and viewable from within The Dig or the lower level of the Great Hall of Waters, the Ruins Lagoon is adorned with artifacts inspired by ancient Atlantis. Home to more than 20,000 deep-reef and pelagic fish, the 2.7 million-gallon marine exhibit also displays open-water specimens such as a variety of jacks, snappers, and spiny lobster.

Land & Sea Travel choices

Winter 2016, Escapism Travel Destination picks, Choice Theory, You have an internal need to Escape, it is your choice to travel, Getaway, Escape the onset of winter. from Serafini Amelia,




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