Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016, Festival Watch Los Angeles

Are You Looking For Luck?Make Your Own…Celebrate in LA’s Chinatown.

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016. 

Chinatown. Los Angeles California  image.jpg

Photograph: Courtesy Chinatown Business Improvement District

“Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 in Los Angeles with our guide of events and the best places to eat dim sum and dumplings”

“As the Lunar New Year approaches, celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 in Los Angeles with these events andthings to do, from a century-old Chinatown parade to kids activities like paper-lantern making. Need to feed your belly for an auspicious year ahead? Slurp some of the city’s best noodle dishes and cheap eats or check out our dim sum guide. Whether you’re celebrating a long-running family tradition or experiencing the holiday for the first time, join the Chinese New Year festivities for a year of good luck and fortune.

When is Chinese New Year 2016?
Chinese New Year—and the Year of the Monkey—begins on Monday, February 8, 2016″.

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Asian Gelatin Dessert


Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 | Asian Gelatin Dessert| photo credit Diana Serafini serafiniamelia.me

Traditional Customs & Rituals

Finding your Luck…Chinese New Year 2016.

China Family Adventures has an awesome post detailing Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Traditions: Red Envelopes


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