A Celabrated Collection, 75 years, San Francisco’s, Botanical Garden, Historic Magnolia Trees

The Golden State, San Francisco’s Botanical Garden Celebrating 75 years


Destination Beautiful. December’s cold snap was beneficial to the magnolia garden. A grand awakening, the magnificent magnolias are blooming at San Francisco’s Botanical Garden. Visit Now through March 2016.

San Francisco’s Botanical Garden. Notable Collection: Historic Magnolia Trees, date back to 1939. Magnolias are the gardens signature flower, according to a press release from the Botanical Garden.

Add this jewel of a garden to your Next List.  Tour this TripAdvisor award winner, 2015.

The Garden is open 365 days a year


photo credit: sfbotaniclgarden.org

Magnolia campbellii Tom Karlo

Magnolia campbellii. Tom Karlo

Guided Tours

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Press Exert from S.F. Botanical Garden

SAN FRANCISCO – During the grayest days of winter, nature stages a one-of-a-kind disruption every year at San Francisco Botanical Garden as more than 100 magnolias, many rare and historic, defy the gloom and erupt into a riot of pink and white blossoms. Velvety silver buds on the often bare branches of these elegant trees open into saucersized, vibrant flowers, filling the wintery Garden with dramatic splashes of color and sweetly fragrant scents. The breathtaking annual floral spectacle, with trees reaching 80 feet, is at its peak from mid-January through March.

PDF press release



News worthy story about the garden…

December Cold Snap Spurs…Story By

Story posted SFGATE

December cold snap spurs magnificent magnolia display at S.F. Botanical Garden


photo credit Kathryn Rummel.


  • The botanical garden hosts monthly plant sales. 


The Golden State. San Francisco, California.

LOCATED In Golden Gate Park, with entrances at the corner of Ninth Ave. at Lincoln Way (Main Gate) & at MLK Jr. Drive off the Music Concourse (Friend/North Gate) | Phone: (415) 661-1316 | Mail: 1199 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122-2370

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For Information About the Garden Visit

Visit http://www.sfbotanicalgarden.org/about/press.html

Story posted from SFGATE


Informative Post.

Tour. Visit. San Fransico’s Botanical Garden Today


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