Have Commitment Issues? Removable Wallpaper, ” Love it or Leave it”, Chasing Paper Company

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Removable Wall Paper, by Chasing Paper Co. founder Elizabeth Rees

Removable Wall Paper. Innovative Product. An Interior Design Product That You Can Love Without a Commitment, Love it or leave it. If you live a vagabond lifestyle, design or redesign your personal space without a lasting commitment. Damage Free product suitable for projects big or small. DYI decorating made easy. Design your Haven, RV, Caravan, Bus, Apartment, or Dorm Room living space.

How I discovered Chasing Paper

Magazine Article: Better Homes and Gardens, February 2016, p90. Find Your Calling. An entrepreneur Profile featuring Chasing Paper Companies founder, Elizabeth Rees. The article was a lovely piece that promoted channeling your inner entrepreneur. The Paper Co. and its’ founder stood out as a smart, wall paper that is removable without damage.

If you have ever wallpapered you know it is daunting task  with zero forgiveness and  last ability beyond reason. We are not a static society, because we move we need products that define our living space without an commitment or damage. DIY here there or anywhere.

Rees’ company has developed a innovative product line; with endless possibilities. After reading the article, I checked out their website. Its spectacular. If you haven’t found them yet seek them out.

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