Eclectic Gardening, The Cultivated Gardener, Plant Drought Tolerant Gardens, Easy Indoor Gardening

SONY DSC photo credit Diana Serafini

Casual Living

Modern Succulent Gardening-Eclectic Gardner-Succulent Party

Modern Gardening. The cultivated gardener is Eco-conscience. Plant drought tolerant succulent gardens are ideal, they will thrive indoors or outdoors.

Electric Gardner. Create a mixed garden display add like plants and grasses. Succulent gardening is fun and easy. Share your modern garden.

Shareable Garden. Have a succulent party, share your succulent varieties. Replanting is easy. Note: Oasis, used in flower shops, is a spongy green block that will aid in propagation and /or  stabilize an arrangement of fresh cut succulents.

Event Styling. Succulent plants are ultra chic, incorporate cuttings into your next floral or non floral event display. Create an ultra cheap non floral arrangement. Although plants are fragile, fresh cuttings will not wilt and can be stored before and styled at an event.

photo credit Diana Serafini



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