Road Trippin’Vagabond, Hippie State of Mind, Iconic Mode of Transportation, You Move Me.Retro Red VW Bus

Hippie State of Mind. Vagabond Traveler. Live the Dream.

Road Trippin’Vagabond. Hippie State of Mind. Iconic Mode of Transportation. You Move Me. Retro Red VW Bus.


Retro VW Bus+ Restored Vintage Micro Travel Trailer. A Perfect Marriage. This Duo is ideal for a couples retreat. Enjoy cozy fishing trips.

Retro Red VW Bus Interior/ Exterior

Companion Trailer

Extra Space

Give me space. Extra space and a protective shelter can be added to this darling trailer, add a patio room.

This unit has a custom made all weather room, that serves as a living area. The dinette area serves duo purposed. It is a dinette by day, and a bed space by night. No you didn’t miss it, there is no bathroom facility.

Tour in style. Go micro pull your retro travel trailer with a retro ride.

Hippie state of mind & vagabond dreams.

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