A Perfect Host,Vertical Garden Hanging Orchid Plant

Interior Design Natural Elements

Interior Design: Vertical gardens, are modern and chic. Add a vertical garden, hanging or mounted plant or plants to your living space. Define your space with a lovey orchid plant.

Orchids: Today, buying orchids has become easy; expect the orchids you will buy from your local home store to be inexpensive, because most are clone plants. For more interesting plants shop online.

How to Pick an Orchid Plant: First, consider your space. Whether your living space is large or small adding a vertical garden is an ideal way to add life to your space.

Attachment Issues:  Either buy a mounted orchid plant or do it yourself, DIY. If you choose to do it yourself, find a suitable mount, such as a board or indigenous bark or cork. Before you mount the plant attach a hook, or way to hang the plant later; then carefully attach the plant to your base with cord or floral wire.

Take Care: Filtered light. High humidity and good air circulation

 Orchid Plant-Vertical Garden

serafiniamelia.me mounted orchid plant photo credit Diana Serafini

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