Define Your Gypsy Dream, Gypsy Interior Design Dress My Wagon Spring 2016

 Modern Gypsy Caravan, RV Interior Design

Spring 2016

Defining Moment …Gypsy Interior Design Dress My Wagon

Motorhome/ Travel Trailer/ Fifth Wheel/ Bus/Houseboat

Photo Gallery Gypsy Options Interior/Exterior Views


Trailer/ Caravan Interior Design Space photo credit Diana Serafini

Creating Livable Space. Defining gypsy moments start by defining your gypsy dream. Trailer styling is an art comfort is key.

Tiny House Living. What to do after you have made the commitment to live gypsy.

Mode of Transportation, Create or Prefab? How do you define gypsy, gipsy, travel? Mode of transportation is defining, what is your gypsy dream? Do you prefer an Airstream modern or retro, canned ham, bus or maybe even a houseboat.

Time & Money. If you have the luxury of time creating or designing your caravan, unit, may be an option, but If it is time to travel you may want to buy a prefab unit.

Vingette: Coastal Inspiration Land & Sea

photo credit Diana Serafini

Find Your Inspiration. Your caravan is a reflection of you, design a dream haven. Find that ingenious element, that special theme or color that moves you. It can be just that simple.   I love the color of a fossilized shell and the blue green color of the Caribbean Ocean.


Carribean Blue photo credit Diana Serafini

Create A Design Board

Pinterest is a great way to start a design board, secret boards are a great way to start a project. If you are undecided on a theme create multiple boards. Secret boards are shareable.

Tangible Style Board. Because I enjoy working with textures and colors, creating a collection of objects or color swatches is helpful tool. I am able to match, style, and exclude material.

Becoming Eclectic. Sure gypsies and bohemians are collectors, but a modern caravan need not be a “cabinet of infinite curiosities”, clean lines and multi-functional pieces will make a happier gypsy.

Important Detail. Because Caravans are mobile consideration should be made when styling; dry weight and added weight are a factor to consider. You do the math: 

algebraic equation: A+B=C

 Caravan Travel Trailer Styling. Be a Seeker of fine things no matter your budget; fine things, quality, comfort, health. Because you want to be unique think outside the box, shop here and there…

Retail Resources, Where to shop: 

Retail leaders are recognizing the trend to live smaller and mobile. Retailers I like for tiny house, caravan living…

Here are few retailers I like: Ikea, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, World Market, One Kings Lane, Norstrom. I am a junker at heart. I love mixing old and new. Shop secondhand, flea-markets, antique shops, yard sales, and auctions.

  • get on their mailing lists, shop there catalogs. Follow seasonal fleamarkets, They can be a great source of inspiration and the treasures you will find.

Livable Space: Bedroom, Kitchen & Bath. Unity by Design

Seeker of unity not conformity. Marry styles and design, take risks.Before you go off the deep end, start with basic designs.

Spring Styling Floral Trend Organic Inspired Styling

Tip: bedding. Go cotton.

Duvets are a great for summer to winter styling. Use your duvet in warmer months without an added insert. In the cooler months add a thin insert.

Found Ikea. New Products

Design Inspiration

Ikea is the master at casual chic living. Mixing patterns and colors is so now. Forget the idea that all the colors need to match, they don’t. You have the Freedom to choose.

A green bedroom with HURDAL bed in solid wood, SISSELA flowery bed linen and green HURDAL storage.

natural white  & striped bedding

INDIRA Bedspread IKEA This woven cotton bedspread gives your bed a vibrant, decorative look and extra warmth and comfort for you.



Bedspread, white $16.99
Article Number:
Bedspread, white/red
from $16.99
Article Number:


Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), stripe, gray
from $14.99
Article Number:

sheet set

SÖMNTUTA Sheet set IKEA Feels crisp and cool against your skin as it’s made of cotton percale, densely woven from fine yarn.

Sheet set, white
from $39.99
 Article Number:

standing desk

Standing desk, white birch
 Article Number:

floral duvet

LJUSÖGA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s) IKEA Cotton feels soft and nice against your skin. Concealed snaps keep the comforter in place.

LJUSÖGA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s) IKEA Cotton feels soft and nice against your skin. Concealed snaps keep the comforter in place.LJUSÖGA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s) IKEA Cotton feels soft and nice against your skin. Concealed snaps keep the comforter in place.

Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), flower
The price reflects selected options
Article Number:

STRANDKRYPA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s) IKEA Concealed snaps keep the comforter in place.

Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), floral patterned, white
floral table cloth

INBJUDANDE Tablecloth IKEA The tablecloth both protects the table and creates a decorative table setting with atmosphere.inbjudande-tablecloth__0398511_PE564444_S4

Tablecloth, flower
Article Number:
rattan chair

VIKTIGT Chair IKEA Each piece of furniture is unique as it is handmade. Furniture made of natural fiber is lightweight but also sturdy and durable.

Chair, rattan
 Article Number:
Chopping board, bamboo
 Article Number:
Adding simple Knick knacks will add personality to your small space.
pedestal bowls

TILLFÄLLE Bowl IKEA Practical and useful bowl, suitable both for serving and eating from.

Bowl, assorted colors
 Article Number:

West Elm 

New 2016
Faux Shagreen Box - Charcoal

Faux Shagreen Box – Charcoal

Large or Long


Rusted-Frame Wall Mirror

Rusted-Frame Wall Mirror

according to West Elm This is an online only item. The item cannot be returned.

 $449 Special $381
Roar + Rabbit Angled Wood Terrariums
Be a Seeker. Shop here and there. Love your space. Create your ideal Haven.

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