Touring North America. Travel America. U.S.A. Explore The American Southwest. Visit Pima Air & Space Museum, Tuscan , AZ. Historic & Artistic.

Touring North America. Travel America. U.S.A. Explore The American Southwest.

Aviation & Space Museum. Visit the Pima Air & Space Museum, located in beautiful, Tuscan Arizona. U.S.A.

Celebrating 40 years 1976-2016 

 Support Pima Donate/Volunteer.

Travel. Tour. Earn Your wings, discover the Air Museum’s, historic air & space history and experience urban ” hipster style” graffiti art. 


CONTACT Information

6000 E. Valencia Rd.
Tucson, Arizona 85756
520 574-0462

Open 9:00am – 5:00pm Daily
Last admittance at 4:00pm


photo credit Diana Serafini

The featured airplane is one of three artistically decorated planes. Each is a distinctly different. 


Blue Skies and History. The Air Museum has one of the largest collections in the country. The Southwest is harsh but hospitable. The sand in the Southwest is ideal for planes, there is no need for asphalt, because the ground is so dense.

Historic & Artistic. Multi-Generational Travel Destination. The museum is both Ageless & Timeless. 

Air Craft Art Mural

Surreal Art. Larger than life Art Experience. This Three Dimensional. 3D art, is surreal experience. Take a jog down, over, or out to Tuscan, AZ. U.S.A.

Detailed Information Found on their site, May 17,2016


“As the largest private, non-government-funded, aviation museum in the U.S., the Pima Air & Space Museum depends upon the support and generosity of people like you. Your donations help us preserve our rich aviation heritage for future generations and help us continue the work of acquiring, restoring and maintaining some of the world’s most important and historically significant aircraft, as well as educate thousands of school age children FREE of charge, and provide a world class museum to our visitors. Thank you for supporting the museum!”

Donate to 1.)General Support/Operations 2.)Education 3.)Restoration 4.)Memorial / Honorary Tribute 5.)Hangar 5 Project

Donate Now Go to:

The Southwest is a great place to tour, it is RV friendly, with historic attractions and museums.  Let’s get packing, it’s time to hit the road…

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