Getaway, Escapism Summer Travel Destination Seattle, WA Shopping District, Westlake Station Your Shopping Destination

Summer 2016 Travel Destination Seattle Washington, U.S.A.

Getaway. Fly, Ride & Walk


photo credit Diana Serafini

Getaway today, make Seattle Washington your Summer Escape Destination. Escapism Travel, a quick trip to Seattle is easy. Save time and money by using public transportation. 

Simple travel planning. Fly, ride, then walk.

FLY Destination Seattle Washington, U.S.A, fly to SEA TAC Airport, .

Ride Light Rail, Link. From the airport hop on the  light rail train to Westlake Station, shop, dine, and explore.

photo credit Diana Serafini

Link: Fares/Schedule

Link Light Rail :

Where: What’s your stop? 


Westlake Station, Seattle Washington, U.S.A.

4th Ave & Pine St., Seattle, WA

Walk self guided walking tour. Pike Place Market is west of the light rail/ bus station.

Pike Place Market

Norstrom Rack at Westlake Center, other area retail stores include Louis Vuitton, Macy’s, and Forever 21. 

Spring 2016 Window Dressings

*Savvy gypsy travelers save time and money by using available resources and common sense.

Generally speaking, making hotel accommodations near the airport can be another way to save time & money. Most hotels offer shuttle service to the airport. Check in First: Leave extra baggage in your room. Catch the shuttle back to the airport/ light rail station. Buy you ticket at a kiosk, board the train. The light rail will run North from the airport train station. The ride to the city will be approximately 30 minutes. 

Destination Westlake Center 

Story & All Photo Credit Diana Serafini

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