Visual Exploration. Gypsy Art. Travel Movement. Photography is an art to be Discovered & Rediscovered. Colors of the Southwest, Arizona, U.S.A

Colors of the Southwest. Arizona, U.S.A. 

Photography Diana Serafini

Gypsy Art/ Travel Movement

“Call To Action Piece”


Colors of the Southwest, Arizona, U.S.A. Cacti. photography Diana Serafini

Photo exploration. Photography expose. Color spectrum. The desert is alive and full of color. Tour the southwest, U.S.A. Document your tour/road trip. 

Photography. Although cell phone pictures are convenient, real pictures with digital or film cameras are superior. 

Photo Investment. Invest in yourself, time & money. 

Money. First, Invest in a camera with interchangeable lenses. Beginner cameras will range in price. Although I have a variety of cameras, the cameras that I use the most are a Cannon film and a Sony  digital camera. I love my film camera, but the digital camera is ideal for blog and other work. 

Time. Time spent taking pictures is therapeutic. Create a photo expose, photography is an investment in yourself. Subject matter is subjective not objective; so have fun. there is no right or wrong. Upon review of my own work I critic by intent, did I capture the desired effect. Overall I enjoy light & color. 

Photography is an Art. Photography as a Craft is personal; take time to learn and develop your own style. In Art, rules are learned then broken. Study photography and photographers, explore the known and unknown.

Art/Travel Movement. Tour. Touring the American Southwest is an ideal region to hone your craft. Discover and rediscover your journey’s though photography. 

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