Create an Orchid Sanctuary, “Give Me Shelter”, Build an Orchid House, Plant Conservatory Garden

Conservatory / Greenhouse/ Solarium : Cultivated Garden Create a Orchid Sanctuary

Orchid House Project / Design Inspiration

Found Specimen: Rare Ghost Orchid, natural state , Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, near Naples, S.W. Florida U.S.A.


Rare ghost Orchid discovery photography Diana Serafini

Seek & Discover

Let’s start at the very beginning, you have fallen hard for the Ghost orchid, and/or orchids, in general. Start or add to your collection of orchids. Create an orchid haven, a home garden sanctuary for your orchid plants.


Question: Build, Buy, or Modify?

Structural Form? Although orchids are known to grow all over the world, ideal regions for cultivating orchid plants are-the Tropics or Sub tropics. Create, build an orchid house that suits the orchids needs based on your environment; modify the environment to mimic the origin of the plant.

Casual Collector, Growing Collection

Become a collector/ take better care of your growing collection. Become a caretaker not just a collector…Create a hospitable environment for your orchid plants, an orchid Haven. 

Design your Haven based on your ideal orchid collection. Haven Design to accommodate potted, hanging, or vertically mounted specimens.

Design Inspiration

Orchid House San Diego California

photography by Diana Serafini

Give me shelter, Orchid plants have simple needs

  • high humidity
  • well circulated air
  • filtered light
  • basic plant care-orchid plant supplements 

Conservatory Solarium Greenhouse or Screen-house

Build Style-Design 

A Conservatory here and there. An Orchid House could be a greenhouse/ Solarium in one environment but not another. An Ideal Orchid Environment for your orchid plant depends on your environment. For cooler or arid environments, creating either warmth or humidity may necessary. In either case a traditional greenhouse may be ideal, but is you live if Florida, or another hot humid environment an orchid house, may be a better fit. 

What is an orchid house if it is not a traditional green house or solarium? An orchid house is a green screened room. 

Indigenous Environment-Mimic the plants indigenous environment. Orchids are common in the tropics or sub-tropics, the weather for an orchid from this region is hot and humid. Hospitality. Be a great host, create an environment that is friendly, hospitable to your guest, your orchid plant.

Sanctuary/ Creative Space

Orchid House-( Green Screened Room) Environmental and/or seasonal changes could affect the health of your orchids in areas such Florida or Southern California. ( Extra Protection May Be Required. Protect your orchid plants from extreme heat or cold). 

Some Like it Hot Ideal Environment. Hot humid, well ventilated, create good air flow. Fan your orchid plants. Add a simple oscillating fan to your orchid house, keep it on low.

#1 Build If You decide to build. Designs-structure tall narrow- A frame -made for expansion- suitable for: vertical hanging orchids on top, sides. incubator nursery for new orchid plants.

#2 Modify Florida patios with full sun exposure would not be an ideal environment for your orchid plant, but with simple changes it could become an orchid sanctuary.

Create Shade  or Filter the light source

*Note regular screening is not suitable. It offers no filter from the sun. Buy green screening material.

Ideal Environment Creating a tropical sud-tropical climate. High humidity filtered light.

#3 Buy a Prefabricated Pre-fab, Ready Made Garden House

Starter green (orchid screen) house

Save Time and Money: Buy Before you build a greenhouse/ orchid house, buy a starter environment for your growing collection. 

Example: prefab from Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight: 
One Stop Gardens – Item#97439

One Stop Gardens 97439 6 Ft. x 6 Ft. GreenhouseOne Stop Gardens 97439 6 Ft. x 6 Ft. Greenhouse



6 ft. x 6 ft. Greenhouse vented opening

Exterior Structure/ Interior Design

Design Planning. Keep it simple, Orchids will need shelf space or place to hang. 

Design/ Thumb nail Sketch: Make art rendering of you ideal orchid house interior. If you have a prefab screen room, include those measurements in your design sketch. Note: The above Prefab room could be used in a variety of ways, including elevating the entire structure and/ or adding a gravel drainage floor. 

Materials you may or may not need based on your personal needs and/ or design…

  1. PVC Pipe is ideal to create a framed structure. Get creative, use the pipe to create a watering system.
  2.  watering hose, or watering system.
  3.  pressure treated lumber
  4. drill, brackets, and fasteners/ Screws
  5. Elevated, gravel flooring

Build to suit-There may not be a reason to build beyond your collection, but consider that your collection may grow with success. If you choose to build adding additions to your initial structure in the future may be ideal for your growing collection. Keep this in mind when you build your initial structure. I have seen several handmade screen rooms that have had seamless additions. Structural strength and integrity will follow a solid design and execution of the design, not the amount of money spent on the project.

Note: This is a starter project, save time and money, have the fortitude to design a structure that fits your space, budget, and serves it’s purpose protecting your investment. Include a watering system, nurture your plants. Planning is key whether you build modify or buy a Florida Style green screen room for you cultivated orchid collection.

Pictures of the green screened prefab room (Item#97439) were found on the Harbor Freight’s website. Price, style, and size may vary.

Orchid Green Screen House by Diana Serafini of Gypsy Living Traveling in Style photography by Diana Serafini




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