Colorist, Color, Colour, Theory Therapy. The Art of Coloring

Colorist, Color, Theory Therapy. The Art of Coloring


Coloring as a past-time is making a come back. Relax. Coloring is therapeutic. Art Pencils Prisimacolor, colored pencils, are the premier choice. Although I still love to use crayons for coloring, when I want to be creative Prismacolor colored pencils are my first choice. Invest in yourself, buy artist pencils. *note do not over sharpen, consider using a variety of points on your coloring project.


Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72 Pack

by Sanford

Color Theory-Rules are meant to be broken paint, (color) like the master, Tarkay.


Art Theory Therapy

Art studies, traditionally artists painted according to color theory, examines color theory, and charts colors relationships by their position on the color wheel. Complimentary colors are adjacent to one another. Although complimentary colors are appealing, art is a form of expression. Color Therapy. Color theory therapy is a form of expressionism. Express yourself; color without rules. Counter Culture Artist, Colorist“color outside the lines”,


Art Inspiration. Artist: Tarkay, Itzchak, An artist who broke the rules. See color the way Tarkay did, colors on the color wheel are no longer chosen from complimentary positions; Tarkay embarrassed his color choices creating a new vibrant form of modern expressionism. Be inspired by Tarkay to  make your own color statement.

Tarkay, Park West Gallery

Tarkay, Itzchak

Technique: Color just to color, as a beginner, you need not study technique.

Colorist Styling-Basic Materials List

Coloring Book or Coloring Pages

  • colored pencils and/or crayons
  • eraser ( use as a lighting obliteration tool )
  • blending tools
  • pencil sharpener


Crayola Classic Crayons, Wax, 96 Colors per Box

Find coloring pages/ books, they are readily available at your nearest bookstore or online.

Color Here or There: Color Therapy-Color alone, with family or friends, host coloring parties, or seek coloring forums.

Tarkay’s Influences 

Notes/ Personal Impressions: Lecture from  Park West Gallery: Tarkay’s style was influenced by French Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, color sophistication of Matissse, and the style of Toulouse-Lautrec. He created art that was like visual poetry.

Mediums he used included but were not limited to Acrylic paint and watercolor. Graphic Artist: His work was like a tapestry of colors, a master of graphics design, specializing in  serigraphs, colors were overlapped to create texture and transparency.


Tarkay,”When asked about his technique, Tarkay said it’s impossible to describe. “Can you explain your own handwriting?” he asked. He used his instinct to choose his colors and couldn’t define any other reason. “The color is coming,” he said. “When it’s finished, sometimes I’ll change the colors. It’s not something I think about.”” quote found at Park West Gallery’s website

Instinctive Artist Master Designer, Colorist, and Painter. Learn more about this extraordinary painter. Become a collector: Park West Gallery


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