Choice Theory-Ikea, College Space, Collegiate Studies, Dorm Styling 2016-17

Choice Theory

Ikea. Ready Set Go, Dorm Styling, Start With Ikea

College Life, Home Away From Home. Style Your Dorm Space– Ikea Comfort Meets Innovation. We love Ikea, they understand small space styling. SpaceComfort-Be innovative but comfortable. 

Welcome Home. In an Apartment Home there is a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom…Style your dorm space like a studio apartment, include comfort items

Basic Needs. Dorm Styling From Us

  • Kitchen. French Press Coffee Maker 
  • Lounge. Chair for a friend
  • Study Space-desk, chair, and storage solutions
  • Lighting-Creative lighting styling-Design a space that doesn’t feel like an institution. Multiple lighting sources. Add several sources of lighting to your space, find your ideal lighting to match your mode. Desk lighting should be bright but flexible, directly illuminating your your study area. Basic lamps with low LED lighting is ideal for your living area; You may have a flat mate.
  • Bed. Bedding Duvet, Blanket, Throw, Pillow, Protective bed cover, and Sheets. ( Save time & money. Buy an extra set of sheets; make them a like color. Laundry Tip: Less sorting equals a financial and time savings)
  • Bathroom. Don’t share everything with your dorm mate. Buy a couple of bathroom rugs to share; buy a couple more bathmats for yourself. 
  • Bathroom Caddy’s are a great way to stay organized and keep your supplies. If you choose to share liquid soap, in a pump dispenser is an easy share. 
  • Boxes with lids-Keep all your class notes, stow them away  in boxes with lids. 

It’s time to grow-up, define your comfort learning space with Ikea. Find your Inspiration. Add unique items-a pop of color, posters, tapestries, and /or things that interest you. Cabinet of Curiosities. 

Ikea Las Vegas, NV U.S.A.

Dorm Styling Checklist-In Store Display

Ikea. Check out their must have dorm styling checklist. www.

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