Gone. Road Trip-The Art of Travel-“Surrealism” Vagabond Travel Movement-Burning Man Festival 2016-Event Styling

Gone To Nevada-The Art of Fire-Burning Man 2016

Pack and Go-Burning Man Is This Weekend August 28 2016


Aug 28 – Sep 5, 2016
Black Rock City, Nevada, United States

Gone. Road Trip-The Art of Travel-“Surrealism” Vagabond Travel Movement-Burning Man Festival 2016-Event Styling. End of Summer-Experience The Burning Man Event for the First Time or Again. Get Ready. Go…Vagabond Travel, gypsy camping.

Where: West Coast “Burners” Backyard

 120 miles North of Reno Nevada, U.S.A.

coordinates 40°47’19.1″N 119°12’10.9″W

Road Trip Styling Steam Punk Inspiration

Follow Your Path…So your not on the road to Burning Man, follow this years attendees ; Make next year your year. 

Inspiration Color Texture Style Collective

Style Guide -A Surreal Experience-Vagabond Festival Styling

surreal art wwwgraphics.com

Visual Inspiration : Photography credit Eleanor Preger

photography credit Eleanor Pregor

photography credit Eleanor Pregor


See more of her stunning work, go to www.eleanorpreger.com

Style Inspiration- Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)- Steampunk “Desert Rats” 

Actress: Susan Sarandon found etonline.com



Pack Your Bags. Sand & Style. Find your inspiration. Be inspired to dress for the occasion. Bring your most outrageous googles, scarves, and token gifts for others. Create unique but versatile outfits that will go from day to night.

Insider Tips– Environmental Tolerance-Festival Location: Black Rock City, the makeshift town, in Northern Nevada, expect warm to hot days and cool nights. Be prepared for a dry arid climate. Sandstorms or just sand movement should be expected. Desert Environments are unforgiving. 

Accommodations/ Tent/ Trailer Styling/ Mode of Transportation 

found nbcnews.com

Over The Top Trailer Vehicle Styling-Vagabonds Travel 

Bicycle Styling-Go over the top-Add reflectors

Bohemia-Gypsy Camp. Nomadic Home on Wheels. Trailers are ideal, outside canopies or tents add extra camp space and extra protection from the elements. 

Self Sustainability

Sustenance-Food and Beverage. Camp cooking. Bring supplies. Cook your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sweet and salty foods are ideal for the desert. Stay hydrated. 

Power Down-Solar panels and power packs are ideal. Add extra batteries to your caravan/ travel trailer, recharge your batteries with a power pack. Bring lanterns and high powered safety flashlights.

RV-Keep It Fresh-Pack your favorite toilet chemicals 

∗ Travel SafetyBe Safe, Common Sense Travel. Festivals can be an awesome experience; warning be aware of your environment. Don’t drink alcohol in excess. Travel in numbers. Secure your space, if you are staying in a travel trailer, lock your doors and secure your windows. Tenters use caution be inventive, secure your abode. 


Journal-Take time to journal. Draw and write about your Burning Man experience. 

Photography-Capture the sprint of the festival. Take pictures. Because of the sand, I would recommend a camera that can handle the elements, like a Go Pro.

Amazing Photography

Professional Photographer : Scott London 

Scott London has been documenting Burning Man for over a decade. See Burning Man through his lens. http://www.scottlondon.com/photography/burningman/


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