In A State of Transition. Summer to Fall to Winter 2016-17, Time For a Fresh Start-“Dress Up”-Gypsy Interior Design Dress My Wagon

In A State of Transition. Summer to Fall to Winter 2016-17, Time For a Fresh Start-“Dress Up”-Gypsy Interior Design Dress My Wagon

“Dress to Impress”

Interior Design. As summer ends and cooler fall temperatures near; don’t just add a blanket to your caravan. Give your caravan a” face lift”. Create a livable space that you can enjoy and entertain in.

Caravan-Wagon-Travel Trailer-Camper-Van-Recreational vehicle



What to add and What to take away

  • Start with the removal of unnecessary clutter. 
  • Clean out your closets and cupboards-donate or disguard things you don’t use. 
  • Clean your space-take care in an RV wood is more like tape
  • Make a list of things to buy that may be versatile and/or space saving. 
  • How much do you want to spend on the project? Create a working budget, your spendable budget. 
  • Start a search of products you like-create a Pinterest Vision Board. Remember boards can be secret. Gypsy Living Traveling is a resource created by Serafini Amelia, by Diana. You are invited to look and re-pin from Gypsy Living…( nearly 30k people are following us. Thanks).

What’s Next

  • Get out your measuring tape-take measurements-make notes.
  • Go back to your Pinterest Vision Board-create a tangible visual journal, include what you want, where to find, what size and color or pattern and how much it is. For much of this information  you will need to go to the stores’s website. Shopping from more than one retail store can help create interest in your design. 

 Review your project notes. So you have an idea of what you want.

Your Rv is clean. You have done all the prep work. Now it is time to define your gypsy dream caravan. Create Unity by Design. An idea that has been expressed in a previous post. Simply Stated-Create a a unified design that marries defined livable space. Create a flow from one space to another.

Create an extended design Plan. Include work that requires you to exit your home and/or bigger ticket items that require outside help. Save Money. If you decorating a prefab unit create a simple plan to make gradual changes. This is especially important if you live in or need to travel in the unit. Shop around for outside help for the big jobs. If you have been on the road for awhile, you likely have a favorite RV technician or trusted Company. It is worth it to make plans to visit that location for larger RV purchases.  

Save and Splurge

Save. In the Bathroom/s Save money on the little things like new towels, include hand towels and washcloths. In The Kitchen Save. Buy less expensive kitchen tea towels and glassware. Spare Bed/ Loft Buy less expensive bedding sets, that include a comforter and a sheet set-add a light weight inexpensive cotton blanket that will be versatile through the seasons. Fall-to winter-to Spring to Summer

Splurge. Comfort is Key to Trailer Styling. Splurge on  your comfort space, Your Bedroom. Choose bedding products that are sustainable, shop organic bedding products including cotton or bamboo. Adding new pillows is a great way to create a chic look and add make your space more comfortable. Choosing bedding covers and blankets is a matter of preference-When you shop be a bit self indulgent.  Consider introducing Art to your space. Fine Art comes in many sizes-Find that unique piece that suits your space. 

Undefined Products. Should I Save or Splurge-Some products such as dish sets, flatware, pot & pans, or storage containers could be found here or there. If you do your homework you will be able to save on most items. Beware of impulsive spending. Plan for selective Shopping. 

Final Budget Gypsy Picks

Create a final budget, include your favorite picks. Although I do suggest staying within your final budget-If you have created a universal theme or color scheme consider revisiting your final budget to accommodate missed products. Transitional Design Plan. Save items of lesser importance for a future shopping date or omit them from your design. Let’s shop.

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