West Coast Travel-“Sightseeker”-San Francisco, SF, Chinatown

Urban Travel: Destination Chinatown- San Francisco California 

West Coast Travel-Tour North America-Getaway Travel-Road Trip

San Francisco’s Chinatown “Sight Seeker”-See The Sights

Color Story-Color Theory Therapy. Urban fusion. Structure-Unstructured. Experience the urban hues, fine and contemporary art, street art, and architecture, a marriage between the past and the present.


Find your niche. Explore S.F. Gain perspective, go here and there.

Savvy Gypsy Traveler-Styled Travel. Mode of travel. Book a private or smaller tour, by car or van. San Francisco is a cultural mecca-Tour like a tourist, neighborhood by neighborhood. 

The city by the bay is urban, chic, modern, and historic.”San Fran has it all”, History-Culture-Art-Shopping-Food. 

S.F.is a Foodie Destination. Follow the crowd, standing in line at your favorite bakery or eatery is common place. Go There…Savor your experience. Coo-dos to you, make this metropolitan city a destination you visit again and again. 

Touring. View The Golden Gate Bridge from Christmas Tree Point


Perspective The Golden Gate Bridge photo credit Diana Serafini


Note: Urban travel can be a positive life experience; use common sense as your guide. Using a tour guide is invaluable when navigating urban city-spaces. We recommend booking a known tour-tour guide.

Gypsy Living Traveling In Style, Serafini Amelia, by Diana serafiniamelia.me

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