Modern Gypsies shop at Ikea. Gypsy Interior Design Dress My Wagon-Caravan. Ikea-Las Vegas, Nevada. U.S.A. Look. Go. Shop.

“What’s new pussycat”, shop Ikea Las Vegas Nevada U.S.A.

Gypsy Interior Design Dress My Wagon

Ikea-Las Vegas, Nevada. U.S.A.

Look. Go.Shop.

Haven. Caravan. Gypsy Wagon. Tiny House. Create an epic space, start with Ikea’s New 2017 catalog. Shop In-house. Although shopping online may be convenient, In-store shopping has its’ perks. Specific specifications require a little leg work…Before you go request a new catalog. 

New catalog Picks: Make your mark; write in the catalog. We suggest creating a project portfolio. Detail on a list by room what you liked in the catalog.


Design Inspiration.  Live Gypsy, Mix it up. Create a Haven that is eclectic, minimalist, or comfortably casual. 

Caravan-Make your space count. Space saving is key to living comfortably in a motorhome ( coach), travel trailer, gypsy wagon, bus, van, house boat, or tiny house.

Unity by Design

Rooms/ Space to Style

Create flow. Caravan styling need not be overdone. Design a chic space that has unity and flow.

Portfolio Design Areas-List

Small Space-Comfortable Small Space Living

  • Living Space
    • Lighting
    • furniture
    • window coverings
    • flooring
    • rugs
  • Bedroom Space
    • bedding
    • coverlet-quilt-bedspread
    • pillows
  • Kitchen Space
    • function meets design- make choices that suit your travel styling and the available space.
  • Bathroom
    • towels-body, hand, and face.
    • extras-hooks, etc.

Whats New…2017

Design / Shop

Home Decor

Design -Livable , Living Space

NORRÅKER Bar table IKEA Durable and sturdy; meets the requirements on furniture for public use.
Bar table, white birch
Article Number:

ÄNGSLILJA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s) IKEA

ÄNGSLILJADuvet cover and pillowcase(s), light blue

Article Number: 603.186.18

STRANDKÅL Cushion cover IKEA The zipper makes the cover easy to remove.


Cushion cover, blue, green


 Article Number: 


RENREPE Cushion cover IKEA You can easily vary the look, because the two sides have different designs. The zipper makes the cover easy to remove.

Cushion cover, multicolor
 Article Number:


Textile/ Fabric


ROSENRIPSFabric, black, multicolor

$4.99  / yards

Article Number:


GRÄSÅSEN Picture IKEA You can personalize your home with artwork that expresses your style.

SVÄRTAN Side table/stool IKEA This stool is sandblasted, giving it an uneven and vibrant surface.


Picture, butterfly
 Article Number:


Side table/stool, black
 Article Number:

OKÄND Box IKEA The decorative box can be used to display your favorite small items.

Box, clear glass, black
 Article Number:

SKOGSKLÖVER Roller blind IKEA The blind is cordless for increased child safety. Filters light and reduces reflections on TV and computer screens.

Roller blind, gray
 The price reflects selected options
Article Number:

Kitchen/ Entertaining 

” Clear as glass”
Glass, clear glass, patterned
 Article Number:
FLIMRA Glass IKEA The glass has a simple low and straight shape which makes it perfect for all types of cold drinks, such as cocktails without ice.

Space Saving

ELVARLI Hook IKEA Just click in the hooks on ELVARLI side unit or ELVARLI post - no tools needed.


Hook, white

$5.00  / 2 pack

 Article Number:


Shop Online/ Shop In -Store
Request your New 2017 catalog Today

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