Work of Art. Be Happier. Modular solutions make a Happier Camper, caravan,ultra-light- micro travel trailer-Happier Camper HC1 model. 2016-17.

Gypsy Living Interior Design Dress My Wagon-Serafini AmeliaPinterest, likes Happier Camper’s HC1 model 2016-17.  

They are California cool. Made in California U.S.A.

Tour North America, keep it simple-be a happier camper. Road-trippin, rent or buy the HC1.


What’s the buzz…This ultra light travel trailer is modern, chic, and buzz-worthy. Happier Camper’s HC1 unit was like art in the park at a recent-SoCal RV show.


Happier Camper- Ultra-light Micro-caravan-travel trailer-2016-17. With Happier Camper you design your caravan’s interior. Modular styling-make a Happier Camper with a custom caravan.  Design square by square. Ideal for cargo or multipurpose use.

Multiple colors available-cool hues.


Ultra light. This gem is so light a Mini-Cooper is able to tow it. Let’s go everywhere, park that cumbersome coach…tour north America in one of these gems. Road trip ready rent-able travel trailer.

Happier Camper HC1

sing along “Come on let’s get happy” by The Partridge family

also on Pinterest: Happier Camper

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