San Francisco. Travel Movement. Here and there-perspective. Rail Cars-What a local may tell you,’the rail cars-trolleys-are iconic but they are still just public transportation.’

Travel Movement-Public Transportation-Rail Car System,

San Francisco, CA. U.S.A.

The city of San Francisco, SF, California, U.S.A., Iconic travel with a local perspective. Pubic transportation in SF, Rail Cars are an Iconic Mode of Transportation-Trolleys, -a manual rail system. Experience riding a rail car; a romantic mode of transportation that is authentic, not an attraction. Public transportation is just that-travel from here to there. The conductor is part of the crew, not a tour guide.

Sight & Sound, experience the last manually operational rail car system in the United States. Rail Cars-What a local may tell you,’the rail cars-trolleys-are iconic but they are still just public transportation. Get a real feel ride. Although riding the rail system is romantic; expect a up close and personal ride, without a tour guide. See the sights, hear the sounds of the rails and the ringing of the bell…

Well Traveled: Culture Trip, today and yesterday. SF is progressively still, today mimics yesterday. Personal Experience: In the mid 1970’s, I visited the city by the bay. I saw the sights, by car, boat, and rail. Today, memories of the past were ignited by the sights and sounds of the “trolley”, are still the same.

Travel Tip: A single rail car trip, fares are about $7. Go further, check out a City Pass.

Getting Around: Citypass Mundi & Cable Car


San Francisco Municipal Railway

General Information

Plan Your Trip:SFMTA Pick a Cable Car Line

There are three cable car lines: the Powell-Hyde Line, the Powell-Mason Line and the California Line.

Powell-Hyde & Powell-Mason lines

The Powell-Hyde and Powell-Mason lines both begin at Market Street and stop at Union Square. The Powell-Hyde Line ends near Ghiradelli Square, and the Powell-Mason Line ends at Bay Street in Fisherman’s Wharf.

California Street Line

The California Street Line runs east-west from Van Ness Avenue to the Financial District. It crosses the Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde lines at California Street/Powell Street in Nob Hill.

Informational Update: “MUNI PASSPORT CHANGE
Beginning March 1, San Francisco CityPASS will include a 3-day Muni Passport. If you wish to include the 7-day Muni Passport in your San Francisco CityPASS, choose the Ship Ticket Booklets delivery option at checkout or exchange your voucher for CityPASS booklets at an attraction on or before February 28, 2017″. From City Pass

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