Gypset Caravan Styling Inspiration- Eclectic Gypsies-Gypsy Interior Design Dress My Wagon, serafini amelia, Spring 2017

Eclectic Design Inspiration Board 

photography Diana Serafini

Gypset Caravan- Styling Inspiration- Spring 2017

Caravan, Motorhome, Coach, RV Design Inspiration

Caravan, Gypsy Wagon, RV, are a modern gypset’s mobile homes. Gypsies travel everywhere-take your home with you. Whether you fancy a modern chic shinny travel trailer, coach, or a rustic bus; gypset styling is personal. Design your space, create a  gypsy haven

Design Board

Interior Design- color, texture, art Find your gypset color inspiration, wander, seek. Become inspired to act- create a gypset space.

Gather. Indigenous InspirationLand & Sea, Eclectic Gypsies. Find your inspiration from nature, eclectic bohemian interiors include elements from nature. Collectible Artifacts, gather & collectInclude driftwood, sea glass, shells, found collectibles, in your modern or rustic caravan design.

Photography Diana Serafini

Color, Art & Textiles 

Find your new favorite color, be inspired, recreate a found color in your gypsy haven. Textiles and Art are an important design elements; tactile and visual comfort. Artwork is essential to creating a unique self-fulfilling space. Include original artwork, lithograph or a favorite art print as the center of your design or as a pinnacle of your design. 

Featured Artist -DeGrazia Superstition Mountain, AZ

photography of Artist Ted DeGrazia artwork exibit, Superstition Mountain Museum, near, Apache Junction AZ, credit Diana Serafini
Artist DeGrazia-Superstition Mountain, AZ, U.S.A.

Gypset Style & Gypsy Budget

Liberating DesignCaravan Shell/ Empty Space vs. Re-style. Liberate yourself, either choice empty space whether it is old or new or a re-style design are liberating. Make a choice that suites your gypset style and gypsy budget

Blog Gypsy Living Traveling In Style Serafini Amelia,

Photography Diana Serafini

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