Gather- Plant, Soft Hues-Casual Summer Succulent Garden, pretty as a picture

Gather, Easy Summer Container Garden

June 17, 2017

story & photography by Diana Serafini

Succulent container gardens couldn’t be easier. What’s the fuss; create a summer garden. Succulents are fresh and easy. What do you need?


  • succulent plantings ( gather, find, buy) mix succulent varieties
  • container, low profile. Match the size of your plantings to the container 
  • seek: light mixer of sand, soil, pebbles, or whatever you can find
  • Prepare to assemble

Assembling your summer container garden…

Assemble, take care not to break growth 

Mixture-Mix lighter material and medium to large stones for ideal drainage and growth. Succulent plants like crevasse, keep your mixed material light and airy.

Planting– after you create a bed for your plantings; use a small tool, to dig out nest like shapes, place your plantings in the space and gently cover the roots with very light potting mixture. 

Care-watch your plant. avoid overwatering this easygoing succulent garden.

Indoor– outdoor container garden; Enjoy your succulent garden all year

Planting succulent plants without roots propagate-create a temporary terrarium with whatever you can find, for example a milk carton. The succulent cutting should have several roots before it is planted. Creating a terrarium will help nurture the plant, therefore promote growth. A carton can be fashioned like a terrarium, because the ideal environment is humid, not moist, fashion the container to keep the humidity inside. Do not water. How: Using a serrated style knife, is an easy way to pierce and cut the carton, in a style that will create access that will be later closed.  

mature succulent -container garden inspiration

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