Vagabond Traveler, “Give Me Shelter”, Micro Travel Trailers, Bigger Road Trips in Smaller Spaces

Vagabond Travelers -Micro Travel Trailers

Base Camp

Camping: Ease of use. Vagabond traveler, be packed and ready at a moments notice. Life beyond tent camping, micro travel trailers, teardrop travel trailers are smaller and easier to use than traditional trailers. Micro Trailers. Ready Set Go. Travel more. Tour Sea to Sea, road trips just got easier. 

Micro Living-Mobile Life. 

Touring, “Give me shelter”. Explore more, Road trips with a kitchen and a bed. Although tent camping is great, sleeping and cooking off the ground offers protection from environmental hazards and the elements. Go here or there without worry, about the rain forecast.

Parking. Sure, camping in the woods is great fun, but consider coastal touring. Tour north America.

Buy New. Shop around. Before you buy, check out trailer styles and types. Consider where you will be traveling to. What type of vehicle you will be pulling the trailer with. Consult with your recreational vehicle specialist, RV technician.

Micro Travel Trailers

photography by Diana Serafini

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