“Katie is Back”, falling for her all over again. Katie Holmes, September 2017

” Katie is Back”. Katie Holmes, Kate no more.

We are falling for her all over again; Katie has a chic casual style that classy and sassy.  This beauty turned heads at New York’s fashion week. Katie’s life in pictures. Fall 2017.

story Diana Serafini

Style Muse Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes actress, New York Fashion week September 2017


Katie as a style muse, give it up for her; Modern Gypset styling. A fashionable beauty. She is Casually Chic, on trend as a new style muse. Over the years she has made her mark as a stylish celebrity; today, she is taking her place front and center. Kate no more, “Katie”, is just being herself and we love it. Her life is fascinating because it is simple and genuine. The mark of a gypset person “inner beauty”.

Kate has sent the last several years living a quiet New York City lifestyle; this Fall she has emerged in a major way.

Katie in pictures Fall 2017



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