“Urban Legend”, Surrealistic Story. A historic Florida story, a legendary low tide, associated with Hurricane Donna, CAT 3, Today, marks its’ 57th Anniversary.

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S.W. Florida legendary Event, “Urban Legend”, Hurricane Donna

story by Diana Serafini

Hurricane Donna, a legendary Tropical Force, that struck South West, S.W. , Florida 57 years ago today. Floridians in S.W. have heard the tale of “Donna”, a Cat 3 hurricane that devastated the West Coast of Florida . 

Surrealistic Weather Event. Today, marking the anniversary of Hurricane Donna, September 10, 1960. Today, another similar hurricane is menacing S.W. Florida, Irma. Hurricane Irma is upon South Florida, after its arrival making landfall at Cujoe Key, a lower Key near Key West Florida; According to Florida’s Governor Rick Scott, millions of Floridians are being threatened by this storm. 

Radar Hurricane Donna, September 10th, 1960 CAT 3


hurricane Donna picHistoric Facts

“Early on September 10, Donna made landfall near Marathon, Florida with winds of 130 mph (215 km/h), hours before another landfall south of Naples at the same intensity. Florida bore the brunt of Hurricane Donna. In the Florida Keys, coastal flooding severely damaged 75% of buildings, destroyed several subdivisions in Marathon. On the mainland, 5,200 houses were damaged, which does not include the 75% of homes damaged at Fort Myers Beach; 50% of buildings were also destroyed in the city of Everglades…” Wikipedia 


Surge: Today, Jim Cantore Meteorologist, from The Weather Channel, reported today, that half of the people who died in Hurricane Donna drowned. Urban Legend offers “direction”, much like a tsunami ‘when the water goes out get away’. 

Weather coverage of Hurricane Irma continues….Information as legend is invaluable.  The story of Donna resonated with me; today, I understand better, the stories that I heard from”old times”, that witnessed Donna first hand. Acknowledgment for all those that helped me to see a reality that was beyond my understanding as a child, hurricane Donna.

irma-florida4.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x764newirmakeyeyeAnother notable storm, the hurricane of 1919, referred as “1919 Florida Keys Hurricane” that hit the Keys in the 1919 hurricane season.

Today, Hurricane Irma, a CAT 4, hurricane made landfall for a second time today in Marco Island. Hurricane Irma is the strongest storm to hit S.W. Florida in 57 years, since Hurricane Donna. The irony is surreal.  

Marco Island Landfall Video found WinkTV Fort Myers FL

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Tampa Bay Amazingly Low Tide


Tampa Bay: S.W. Florida’s neighbor to the north living another surreal moment in time that reminds me of the art movement Surrealism, Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dalí. (Spanish, 1904-1989). The Persistence of Memory. 1931. Oil on canvas, 9 1/2 x 13″ (24.1 x 33 cm). © Salvador Dalí, Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photograph taken in 2004

Prayers for all those that are facing or who will face Hurricane Irma.



story by Diana Serafini
New England Girl that grew up in Fort Myers Florida

Blog: Gypsy Living Traveling In Style Serafini Amelia serafini.me

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