Millennial Retail Market: “No Clothes”, Nordstrom is betting on a”New Concept”, Nordstrom Local, will be a test store, located in West Hollywood, California.

Millennial Retail Market: ” No Clothes”, Nordstrom is betting on a “New Concept”, Nordstrom Local, will be a test store, located in West Hollywood, California. Opening on Oct. 3, 2017.

story by Diana Serafini

Millennial Ideals, modern shopping, no clothes, an Altered reality; Tailored view. Shoppers will be less stressed and more pampered. A unique customer experience.

What should you expect:

  • Smaller space
  • No Clothes to try on, for sale
  • A Stylist
  • Manicure station
  • Beverage, expresso, beer & wine
  • delivery options
  • tailors are available on-site to make alterations

How to Shop without Shopping? Point of purchase has everything except clothes.

New Shopping Experience

Change in mindset; shoppers will not be overwhelmed by a sea of clothes; A stylist will be there as a shopping guide. Creating a personalized wardrobe just got simpler.

Delivery Options

Deliver Me“, Shopping Freedom Millennials ideals. New millennial traditions; less traditional shopping.

  • After you shop with the aid of a stylist; order your purchases Online, for delivery
  • Stylist as a personal shopper will retrieve your purchase from a local traditional Nordstrom location, for same day delivery at your point of purchase, ( The new concept store, Nordstrom Local ).

Nordstrom’s View on Shopping

“Shopping today may not always mean going to a store and looking at a vast amount of inventory,” Shea Jensen, Nordstrom’s senior vice president of customer experience, told the Wall Street Journal. “It can mean trusting an expert to pick out a selection of items.”

“As the retail landscape continues to transform at an unprecedented pace, the one thing we know that remains constant is that customers continue to value great service, speed and convenience,” Jensen said in a news release. “We know there are more and more demands on a customer’s time and we wanted to offer our best services in a convenient location to meet their shopping needs. Finding new ways to engage with customers on their terms is more important to us now than ever.”

“There aren’t store customers or online customers — there are just customers who are more empowered than ever to shop on their terms,” Erik Nordstrom, co-president of Nordstrom, told the Wall Street Journal.

New Focus: As the retail landscape is changing; millennial views are being embraced, engaging with customers, creating a unique customer experience, treating online and brick and mortar customers as individuals is key to this “new concept”. Less traditional retail shopping has been popping up all over, “Pop up Shops” have found success in recent years. Pop up shops are buzz worthy, success has lead to more retailers creating temporary shops. Although online giants are leading the market, as traditional shopping malls are on the decline, smaller retailers have touched on a “niche”, that is more              ” human”, a customer service approach that views customers as individuals and in general offers more services for customers . New less traditional shopping experiences are on the rise.

Traditional NORDSTROM Retail Clothing StoreNorstrom concept store

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