What’s the buzz… tell me what’s happening, Bodega a new start up company has received a notable amount of backlash, the power of the media vs the power of the consumer


Essential Grocery Box-Convenience box

The term Bodega, In America, is known as a small Spanish- American corner store.

“New Concept Store”

story by Diana Serafini

What’s the buzz…tell me what is happening. Bodega, a new start up company created by two former Google executives. The media buzz is swirling with backlash, negative stories include the messaging that it is the companies intent to put small mom and pop business out of business and many have taken offense to the use of the Spanish name for grocery store.

Bodega, Convenient Supply Box


Clever Innovation, In the name of convenience. In the age of “now”, much of our goods and services providers have changed, transformed. The manor in which supplies and services are presented is ever changing. What are we buying or receiving from a “box”.

Points of Purchase-Delivery Options are Evolving 

Automation/ Vendors

  • ATM, automated teller
  • Self-Check-Ins, Airports
    • According to actual service attendants, automated service will replace their job, in the near future.
  • Movies from Redbox
  • Amazon delivery box
    • coming soon, Amazon is quietly building a delivery company
  • Cupcakes
  • Flip-flops
  • Vending Machines: Beverages, Candy & Snack foods

Presentation of Services. The manor community services are being presented, traditional services, are fading. Can we hold on or are we part of the dichotomy of our changing retail landscape.

Services for our youth, will we have a change in perspective when it comes to services in an institutional environment. Dorm Styling may include an Amazon Box to secure a students purchase. Now, a student can buy essentials from a Bodega, so they can do their laundry or grab a snack without going to a traditional vending machine. Is this any different than a hotel store? 

Personal Supply Box-Dormitory Styling



Social Views vs Modern Convenience

Are the founders of Bodega as “clever as a fox”, or way off base, consumers have the power of the purchase. Maybe, the negative buzz will actually aid this small start up company. In Hollywood they say ‘any press is good press’. Could it be true for this ambitus start up company, that offers convenience in box, instead of a vending machine.

New norms, accept some innovation, but intend to cripple other innovative concepts.

Another story, link:


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