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An Artful Escape. Escapism Travel

Milles Garden, Stockholm, Sweden

Art on Exhibit-Art Exhibition 

An Excursion Destination Stockholm Sweden

Milles Garden Awarded The Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

Art: On Display-Permanent exhibitions-The home of Carl and Olga Milles, an Antique Collection and Anne’s house

Why Milles Garden, It is a beyond beautiful property. This outing that is exciting and surreal. Escape to this lovely garden and museum. One of my favorite garden destinations. 

This pictorial profiles a particular room within the museum, the “Red Room”, as well as photography from the exterior sculpture garden.

Diana Serafini

Photography credit Diana Serafini

House, Museum, Gardens & Gift Shop

Profile details of The Red-room 

Photography credit  Diana Serafini

About The Red Room
“On the way in to the Red Room some of Milles’ early small sculp­tures are presented. As their names imply – The Beggar women (1901), Girl with a cat (1901) and Women in the Wind (1903) – deal mostly with realistic subjects.

The walls are Pompeian red and look like marble, but they are painted in a technique called polished stucco (stucco lus­tra), executed by an Italian artisan, Augusto Conte, in 1929. Milles designed the decorative mosaic floor the same year.
A wide selection of Milles’ works can be seen in this room. One of Milles’ best-loved creations Sunglitter (1918), depicts a naiad riding on a dolphin. Milles preferred a dark green patina for his bronze sculptures. Sometimes the patina is almost black, as in the sculp­ture of the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele (1912).
The same colour appears on Swedenborg (1928) who is seen kneeling on the Zodiac (a refused study for a projected Swedenborg monument in London) and God of all Religions from 1949.
In the passage between the Red Room and the Monk Cell we find a limestone relief of a Dancing Ma­enad from 1912. At that time Milles was stylistically influenced by the ancient masters, especially those of the Greek archaic period.
The marble portal is from northern Italy and was purchased by Milles in Munich in 1906″.

There Website:


Visiting address: 
Herserudsvägen 32, 181 50 Lidingö.
Phone: +46 8 446 75 90
Map It:

According to Milles Garden:

Public Transportation

Subway to Ropsten and then bus 201, 202, 204, 206, 211, 212 or 221 to Torsviks Torg. From Torsviks Torg there is only a short walk to Millesgården, approximately 300 meters. Follow the signs.

From subway station Ropsten you may also take the Lidingöbanan (local tram) to Torsvik or Baggeby and walk to Millesgården, which is situated between those two stations.
Check local transport departures at
Travelling time from T-centralen approximately 20 minutes.
Free parking available at Herserudsvägen 32, just outside the main entrance.
Stockhom Citys bikes can be leased at various places in Stockholm including Ropsten and Torsvik.

Accessibility: Fully accessible by wheelchair

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