Green: Spring Vibe,”A charming venue of floral essentials”. @GypsetSerafini. Christoffers Bloomers, Florist • Blomsteraffär

Christoffers Bloomers, Florist

Flowers on Display

Open for Business-A Welcoming Floral Venue

Stockholm Sweden “Old-Town”, Stop by pick a Bunch, Carry-out or Order for Delivery

“Green is Good”: Spring is Upon Us: Gypset Living “Life by Design”, Add fresh, potted Flowers or Plants to your spring styling. 

  • Fresh flowers
  • Greenery
  • Dish Gardens
  • VesselsWelcome

Flower Shop

Go There: 

Visual Therapy- Excite your senses, stop by Christoffers Bloomers. Enjoy the fresh smells.

photography & story by Diana Serafini


Welcome: This is such a lovely floral shop, with a welcoming vibe. Fresh flowers, planters, and vessels. A charming venue of floral essentials. @ GypsetSerafini


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